Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pinterest Precaution

I love Pinterest.  It is the most addicting site ever.  I love pinning every pretty thing I see and keeping reminders of cool DIY projects or decorating ideas.  It is seriously the best.  However.  Last week (during the great blogging hiatus of 2011) I pinned this super pretty pair of incredibly inexpensive earrings as a reminder to myself to go back and buy them the next day.  Here they are:

So cute right?  And only $12!  But!  After I pinned those earrings I went to bed, blissfully ignorant of what would await me in the morning.  My pin went viral (Pinterest-style) and got repinned a ton.  When I went back the next day to buy the earrings they were... wait for it... SOLD OUT!  So learn from me, dear friends: if you want to pin something, buy it before you pin it.

PS- If you want a Pinterest invite, let me know.  It is still invite-only, but it is easy to invite people.  You'll like it.  Fair warning, though: super addicting.


  1. I would like an invite to the site. Is it possible to privately pin items to avoid the situation that happened with your earrings? They are adorable btw.

  2. Oh man, Pinterest is the end of me. Can. not. stop. pinning.

  3. You pin the best stuff too. Such pretties.

  4. I sent you one! I have not found an option to privately pin things, sadly. If you "like" things that other people have pinned they don't show up on your boards, so that's an option, but if you find it elsewhere I don't think there is a private option. Maybe I'll suggest it!

  5. Could you send me an invite?

    thank you!