Thursday, June 9, 2011

Disney Adventure -- Firsts, Flashmobs, and Fantasyland

Thursday evening the hubs, J and I set out for Disneyland. We hadn't gotten to go in a few months, and though she had visited before (proof:


this was the first time she was big enough to go on anything and potentially enjoy it. Stephen wanted to take her on the carousel, so that was our first stop. I was not completely convinced that she would be allowed to ride, but was quickly proven wrong. We found a horse and strapped her on and started documenting her first ride with all the thoroughness of a moon landing. I remember when I was young and would ride the carousel thinking that it must be no fun for the adults who had to tend to their kids instead of getting to ride.

How wrong I was. We probably had more fun than she did. It was so precious.

Next up was a trip on Small World, which is something of a sensory overload for a seven month old, I think. She sort of like it. Sort of.

A rare mom-baby photo. Usually I wield the camera.

Earlier, when we had arrived at the park, we could see there was some sort of media event going on, but I didn't do my due diligence beforehand, so we didn't know quite what. Had I done any research I would have known Thursday was the opening day of the new "Mickey's Soundsational Summer" Parade and they were having a huge sort of VIP opening for it.

Lots of media guys.

Normally we're not huge parade-watchers, but my sister's boyfriend's mom was involved in a flashmob which opened the parade (we knew there was going to be a flashmob, we just didn't realize what it was for).

Finally the flashmob began. They faux-interrupted a speech.

Don't they make you want to dance? Between this and the return of So You Think You Can Dance, I'm one step-ball-change away from signing up for jazz class.

By the time the flashmob was over, I was SO stoked to see the parade, which ended up being pretty great (not surprising, given it was Disneyland). The floats are themed to look like pop-up picture books, and were really gorgeous.

Click on read more for all the float-goodness.

First up, Mickey banging on the drums:

80's Mickey! He's so on-trend!

Then Aladdin, which I didn't get any great shots of, except this of the loosely-interpreted lamp:

Very loosely. My sister had to point out she was a lamp.

Then The Little Mermaid, which is my very favorite.

This is the only job I wanted from ages 6-16.

J was not wildly impressed at any point.

Now some princesses in a Tangled-y float:


I loved this Mardi Gras-related costume that went with The Princess and the Frog float:

And my favorite float brought up the rear: the Mary Poppins float. Mary and Burt were out front on their carousel-less horses:

And this guy was on the float. Just look at him!

Almost a little steampunkish!

It was totally worth hanging around for. Highly recommended, especially if you are a parade fan.

Thus endeth our Disneyland evening. One of my favorite so far.


  1. You know how I feel about D-land. However, it truly is SOOOO much better with kiddos! Just sayin'!

    I love the photo of you holding J--with Steve's reflection in your glasses!

  2. I agree... it was SO FUN taking her when she could go on a few things and I know it will just get better the bigger she gets.

  3. every one of our trips to disney world had been magical ... every one.

  4. p.s. we ALWAYS stay for the nighttime parade and i ALWAYS cry when it's over.

  5. A flashmob??? That sounds like so much fun to see!!

    (Do the dance classes! And then blog about it! Please??)

  6. I always cry during the fireworks. And Fantasmic. I'm such a sucker for Disney! =)

  7. I will consider it (or rather, I will consider doing the dance classes and if I do them I will FOR SURE blog about them.)!