Monday, July 2, 2012

Love Songs I Love

The incredibly stylish and fun Hallie Lord (disclosure: I have been following her for ages and may have squealed out loud when she started following me on Instagram) is having a love song linkup! About 20 songs popped into my head immediately (including no small shortage of Disney songs) but these are my very favorite ones right this minute.

"Fly" by Sara Groves

The first dance at our wedding.  Check out these lyrics:

Oh how the little things 
Strengthen my tiny wings 
Help me to take on the world 
When you love me there's nothing I wouldn't try 
I might even fly 

I mean. Right??

"P.M.'s Love Theme" from Love Actually

Speaking of wedding songs! This one was our recessional. I'm not sure I could love a song more.

"I Only Have Eyes For You" The Flamingo
This one has the added bonus of being romantic and dreamy to me while also reminding me of Buffy. I love that episode because it was when Angel was missing his soul and we got the aching breathless moment together when everything was good again... and then... he was evil Angel again. Curses.

"Love Song for a Savior" Jars of Clay

I have loved this song since the album came out when I was in the eighth grade and I think it just gets better as I get older.

"So This is Love" from Cinderella

Until my husband-to-be proved uncooperative this was the song I wanted for my first wedding dance. I always thought it was SO romantic and it really has such a great, sort of retro, vibe.

"So Are You to Me" Eastmountainsouth

I'm going to go ahead and admit that I first heard this song watching an episode of "Alias," but that doesn't make the lyrics any less gorgeous, or her voice less heartbreaking.

"In Your Eyes" Peter Gabriel

This song will forever remind me of a dance at Sadie's, sophomore year of high school, with the boy I had a truly earth-shattering crush on.  I was dancing on the ceiling, people.  Never in my life have I been more thrilled to hear the opening strains of a six minute song.

"Your Hand in Mine" Explosions in the Sky

No lyrics at all, but anyone who has ever seen Friday Night Lights can't help but be instantly moved by it.

Sidenote- lots of TV/movie references, I know.  It's how I first experienced love!  


  1. I love "In Your Eyes" and Buffy! I must admit, though, that I forgot "Love Song for a Savior" is a love song! Ever since a good friend identified it as the song that reminded him of me, I've thought of it as my theme song. :)

    1. Um... I want a theme song!! That is awesome.

  2. I can't wait to come and listen to these songs later on. Totally agree with the Peter Gabriel one. Loooooove.

    1. Yeah you really can't deny that one.

  3. I cannot believe I forgot to add "In Your Eyes" to my list! Yes! LOVE.

    (And you're a peach! So happy we're friends on Instagram!)

    1. Me too! Can't wait to see what everyone else has posted... I love finding new music.

  4. I don't even remember that part from Cinderella! I'm so excited I have a little girl so I can revisit all the Disney classics with her! I love "I Only have Eyes for you!" I never knew what that Jars of Clay song was called, but I always really enjoy it when it comes on the radio, it's just so...peaceful? Know what I mean?

    Thanks for the list!

    1. I am all about the Disney movies (with or without my daughter around to watch them with me...oh well!). And I totally know what you mean about the Jars of Clay song-- "peaceful" is absolutely the right word for it.