Thursday, April 7, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday - Volume 3


I am planning on teaching J sign language now that she is getting closer to six months.  She has been very chatty since she was little-- around six weeks-- and at times it seems like she is really really trying to speak English but just can't.  It seems like the likelihood is high that she will become very frustrated as she gets older and is unable to speak yet, so I thought sign language might help.  I am planning on chronicling her progress here.  If anyone has any tips/advice I'd love it!



One of hubs's coworkers' friends is making these awesome hats this Easter:

It is the cutest thing ever, no? and is obviously very high quality.  If anyone is interested in buying one send me an email:  I'd totally recommend them!



Made these oatmeal chocolate chip cookies today.  Delicious!  I think, more than anything, that cookies are my downfall.  First I eat the dough, then I have to try them when they're out of the oven, then I have to have a few for dessert after dinner, then they're still there in the morning and I mean how different is a cookie from a muffin, am I right?  It's a slippery slope.



Photo from How Sweet It Is

Also, and maybe this is too much food-related info but it's too late now, I made this for dinner tonight, substituting ground turkey for ground chicken.  So delicious!  A couple tips:  1) Don't burn your onions.  2) Definitely use the flat, skillet side of your grill pan to cook the burgers (as they suggest).  The grill pan side was too much for the soft burgers before they set up.  3) Add avocado!  It was super tasty.



Cooking and baking blogs are my favorite thing lately.  I think it's because it's sort of DIY (in a way... I mean I am "doing it myself") but I can actually do it, rather than just look and wish I were that talented and/or had a sewing machine.  There's so much instant gratification when I find a recipe and make it that night or the next night. I just love finding new cooking blogs and scrolling through their recipes... there are SO MANY talented people out there!  If you have one you can't live without let me know!  My favorite is obviously PW, but that's kind of like saying my favorite sea mammal is a dolphin.  Kind of a given (don't bother arguing for Orcas.  They're pretty but they're way scarier than dolphins and there has never been a talking Orca on a primetime sci-fi television show).



On that note (cooking blogs, not SeaQuest), I have a bad habit of always making something I've never made before when we're having company over.  I sort of awkwardly cover myself by saying "well I've never tried it before, I hope it's good!," but why do I put myself in that situation in the first place?  Not a good idea.  And it's not like it always comes out perfectly either.  I have a particularly vivid memory of having J's godfather over for dinner and cooking chicken just terribly.  He powered through, but it was definitely a low point.  I kept halfheartedly pointing out "it's a new recipe... first time..."  So sad.



Tonight I went to a jewelry party at my sister-in-law's house.  It was quite fun.  At an earlier party for this same line (Lia Sophia) I bought these earrings:

They're really light and pretty and out of my normal comfort zone (some sort of stud I leave in for six months at a time) but very me at the same time.  At the party tonight I bought a very similar pair in gold.  My husband teased me for being so unadventurous, but I say buying the silver ones in the first place was adventurous; now I'm just continuing on that adventure.  Or something.


Thanks to Jen at Conversion Diary for hosting Quick Takes Friday!




  1. Oh! That hat!

    I love Michael Ruhlman's food blog.
    And Simply Recipes.

  2. Found you through CD 7QT list.

    Love the hat.

    I'm a total believer in baby-signing (here's my take on it).

    I'm eating (mostly) gluten-free so NO FAIR on the handsome sandwich pix.

  3. I am loving Michael Ruhlman's blog! Beautiful stuff. I was on your blog reading about how to take dinner to a friend (my sis-in-law is about to have #2) and I linked over to his post about what people really eat at home... such good ideas! Thanks!

  4. Thanks so much! I love the "please" idea. Super helpful! I have been browsing on your blog this afternoon... I just read the post about virgins on their wedding night... something near and dear to my heart as that was me not all that long ago. I agreed with all your points!). Thanks for finding me-- sorry for the sandwich =) There is more on here about how not to do gluten-free... I have had some recipe fails cooking for a friend.

  5. Well, I'll admit your title made me wonder, but mostly I've got my sea legs now. Been eating Gluten-free for ~9/10 months.

    Keep telling myself I need to make a "getting started" guide on a blog somewhere: It's the thing I needed most and never quite found.

    My biggest I-need-grace reminder involved "not reading the directions." My little brother (a high schooler) asked me to make him some cinnamon rolls (I was quite the baker at one point in my life). I basically threw the recipe at him and told him to make them himself.

    10 minutes later he comes back to me and says, "All the ingredients are in the bowl, now what?"

    I was not mature enough to know this was salvageable and not the end of the world. I don't remember even saying anything to him after my shocked appraisal. I think I just walked away. Abandoned him.

    No wonder he never learned to bake. *sniff*

    Anyway, the incident only fed my compulsive-explainer instinct, and I try not to assume *anything* anymore. (I like to think it makes me an adaptable teacher.)


  6. From what I know based on my friends' experiences, a "getting started" guide would be a great idea. In fact, may I also suggest a "how to cook/bake for your gluten-free friend" as I think pretty much everyone has one these days! I guess it's not too difficult to figure out, but I have definitely managed to mess it up at least once.

    I think I equally scarred my little sister by "helping" her correct her essays when she was in high school. I was pretty harsh and to this day she still is very opposed to writing. Sad. I am better now (at least I think I am).