Monday, April 28, 2014

Book Smart

I've never been what you might call mechanically inclined.  Just put that in your pocket while I tell you a little story.

I recently got into DoTerra oils due to the influence of a dear, crunchy friend. One of my very favorite oils is Slim and Sassy (I know. The name is not so good); not because I've noticed a difference in any aspect of my health, but because I love how it tastes. I put a few drops in my water and it's like I have a soda, but it's healthy.  Anyhoodle, I read that if you put it in a plastic bottle the oils will corrode the cup and you'll die (or something, it sounded bad). So I bought a glass cup (I know I'm behind the times on this, but I am klutzy. Glass seemed like a poor choice in the short term.). This cup:

I was a little disappointed that it was a screwtop, just due to ease of access, but otherwise, cute!

Fast forward a few weeks to today!

Juliana was playing with my bottle and pushing the "button" on it and asking Stephen to help her flip the lid. I said "sorry baby, this one doesn't have a button top" and she said "yes it does!" and sure enough:

She's three.

So, that's humbling.

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