Friday, April 25, 2014

7QT Vol. 6

1. First post in a while... easing back in with some Quick Takes. It's almost midnight and I'm watching Hello, Dolly! for the first timenot grading like I should be (it's pretty universally acknowledged that teachers procrastinate as much as/more than their students, right? Great. I'm good then.), blog surfing, and generally engaging in behavior I will no doubt regret tomorrow morning.

2. Fact: the only reason I'm watching Hello, Dolly! is I love Wall-E. Since it's featured so prominently in Wall-E I've always wanted to see it. So far I love it (*note: that might be the residual Wall-E love and crazy over the top costuming talking). Question: was it standard for turn of the century New Yorkers to wear a 1960's cut crease eyeshadow?
It feels a teeny bit anachronistic.  Just a hair.

3. I've been spending too much of my late night procrastination time lately reading up on Will and Kate's visit to Australia/New Zealand. I just love them. I have an incredible weakness for all things British, and those two (three now with Prince Georgie Porgie chubby cheeks) are the best.  My dears Heather and Jessica (the Fug Girls; not actually my real friends) (though I wish they were) have been extensively covering the trip and their complete archive is here.

4. I took some shots of the kiddos recently and a few of them just devastated me. They look like teenagers. To wit:
I mean. I just. Did I not realize it was a GQ shoot?

Hi, we're here for high school orientation. Thanks. 

5. I've been using the Sleep Cycle app for about a month now, and it is very enlightening. I have never been a good sleeper and I'm a terrible night owl, so when it tells me I get bad sleep it's not shocking, but it's fun to compare the data night by night (turns out Thursday nights are my worst night of sleep; perhaps it has to do with the aforementioned late-night procrastination?).

6. Aw. I'm up to this part of Hello, Dolly!

7. I discovered these Google Virtual Field Trips today, and they seem like an awesome resource for homeschooling families. Just passing on the info, in case you haven't seen them!

Happy weekend to you!


  1. Love this!
    - I've been keeping up with the Royal Tour too. I was super keen to go see them when they were up in Auckland but Adoomi was sick so had to pass. Maybe I'll take my grandkids to the next visit haha.
    - Yes! About the eye makeup. I think I need to go watch both of those movies now.
    - Your kids are gorgeous!
    I found your blog through 7QT. Please blog more. That is all.

    1. Oh how fun; you're in New Zealand! A friend of mine from childhood moved to New Zealand a few years ago and loves it there.

      Do watch them both although I think Wall-E is the clear winner for me (though I do love a musical...).

      Thanks and thanks again! =) I'm going to try!!