Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Toddlers are Weird

Taking a page from Jen's obsession, I started using Evernote to record funny things Juliana says (Samuel only says things like "no!" and "pirate" and "plane!" so I haven't made a note for him yet).  The list was getting long, so I decided to share some highlights (a la Grace):

This morning as Stephen was leaving for work, Juliana asked to wave to him from the door.  As he got to his car door she called out "Have fun! I love you! Adios!"

After putting my sunglasses on top of her head (like I usually do): "Wook! I wook wike Wacey!"

We've been working on letters for a while now and I thought she had a pretty firm grasp on most of them until I put a foam letter H on the wall in the tub. "What letter is this baby?"
J: "I!"
Me: nope
J: "It's a puff!"
Me: That's not a letter
J: "oh, I know, it's an Elmo!"
Me: no, it's an H
J: "No, that's not an H"

So we have some reviewing to do.

In the car leaving my mom's house (whom we normally refer to as "Gaga"):
J: "bye Patti!"
J: (to me) "I say 'bye Patti!'"
Me: why do you say "bye Patti?"
J: "because I wuv her"

While eating scrambled eggs the other day:
"This wecipe is good! I wike this wecipe!"

Eating grits Stephen decided to try (they're less common in California):
"Oh, this a wittle bit doesn't taste good."

To Stephen, while we were driving home the other day:
"oh! I want to go home and play wike Mommy is gone!"

I need to practice my fun mom skills.

Alright and a Samuel video. I know all kids do this, but his expression cracks me up:

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