Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby Poop

My little jelly bean has started pooping every other day or so instead of every day, which has led to a correspondingly higher amount of poop per poopy diaper.   Last night she pooped, and after we had given her her usual 15 minutes or so to finish, I took her back to change her.  I could tell it was going to be explosive by a) the heat/damp emanating from her nethers, and b) the smell.  I opened it up and, sure enough, it was nasty.  I started cleaning her up and realized the poop went all the way up her back to her NECK.  At that point I called to hubs to start running her bath, because there was just no point in using some futile wipes with this level of mess.

I started taking off all her clothes (which she tried to EAT.  She kept trying to put her poopy onesie in her mouth) and getting her sorted and she started to poop MORE.   Hubs came back in at that point and we giggled over her "Code 9" disaster and he went back to finish getting her bath ready.  Finally I sort of stood her up so we could get rid of the clothes (and just drop them in the incinerator.  I mean, seriously) and she was happy as a clam.  So here we are, waiting for the bath, both of us just COVERED in baby poop; so for good measure started pooping AGAIN.  I lost it.  I started laughing so hard I was crying and was barely able to stand up well enough to support the baby.  She, in turn, found this so funny that she started giggling her little head off.  That is what hubs found when he came back to fetch the baby: wife: coated in poop, in tears of mirth, nearly dropping baby, and J: giggling maniacally, pooping, and loving it.

I do wish we'd had the camcorder handy.

A picture is included to remind you that she is super cute, despite the poop.

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