Friday, March 11, 2011


When I was pregnant I was told frequently that people would give me all kinds of unsolicited advice as a new mom (does telling one that they should be prepared for oodles of unsolicited advice count as unsolicited advice?).  I'd get told (so I was told) that strangers would accost me in grocery stores and shopping malls, wagging their fingers and tongues at me in wild condemnation of... whatever it was that I was doing.

Once I had J I did occasionally get the odd bit of advice, but more often these sweet older women just wanted to come over and smile at my little girl.

Most of them offered one piece of advice, though, and it has really stuck with me: cherish this time.  They grow up so quickly.  It goes by fast!

That same sentiment in all kinds of different ways.  My mom has said it.  My aunt has said it. PW says it.

So I'm trying.  I'm trying really really hard to remember it all and take pictures and smell baby head.  Because seriously, this little critter

is already practically a teenager.  I mean, look:

Who taught her that??




  1. Get used to that look, you will see it a lot in the next few years. (More unsolicited advice) Love you!

  2. She looks just like you!!!!